Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Trapped by Lingerie (New Story)

After the long drive to my hotel all I want to do for the reat of the evening is relax, and for me that means slipping into some nice satin womens clothing and teasing myself silly, until i erupt in a massive orgasm which on occasion I have been known to eat, but more often than not i simply flush down the toilet. So, after checking in and confirming with the receptionist that I do not want a paper in the morning, but would like breakfast, and that no I would not like to have a table booked for me at the restaurant, thank you, I go up to my room and layout my chosen outfit for the evening on the bed. For this trip I brought along a full set of black mesh lingerie consisting of an underwired bra, suspender belt and thin, see-though knickers, a pair of sheer stockings finished off my underwear. Also from my bag of secret clothes I pull out a pair of home-made silicone breastforms, some black patent high-heeled shoes, a long sleeved white satin blouse and a black satin pencil skirt which ends just above my knees. I also pulled out one long satin nightdress and a shorter satin chemise. The chemise was one of the first things that I ever bought, and unfortunately no longer fits me, however its would have another use later in the evening. So with my clothes layed out before me on the bed and me already getting hard within my shorts, I quickly change and go to the attached restaurant for something to eat, enjoying the knowledge of what the evening ahead of me would bring.

After finishing my meal I return to my room and start to get ready for an evening of teasing. I always like to be clean when I tease myself so I thought that I would have a quick shower before getting dressed and getting down to the business at hand. I start to pull off my male clothes and fold them up and pack them into my suitcase, before heading to the shower for a quick rinse off. Then I swear to myself as I remember that I am meant to bring in the equipment that I had to bring for the job tomorrow into my room for the night, something about it not getting stolen from the car overnight or something. So I quickly throw back on the jeans, sweatshirt, and trainers and pop back out to the car for the laptop, handheld computers and other equipment that I brought with me. Needing to make two trips I notice that the receptionist was not at her desk as i finish my second trip, but do not think too much of it (after all, I remember what she looked like and would definitely be using her in my fantasies tonight!), that soon changes however as I approach the door to my room, and find it opening from the inside. As both my hands are full, she holds the door open for me and explains that she just had to check the heating was working as the weather report was for a cold night tonight, and their guests confort is very important to her. I smile and thank her for the thought, all the time a soft flush rising on my cheeks at what she must have seen all layed out on my bed. She must have noticed my flushing cheeks as rather than leave the room she shuts the door behind me and waits for me to put down the boxes that I am carrying.

"Are you here on business or is this all for pleasure?" she asks me.

"Business," I reply, "I am doing a small job just round the corner tomorrow and then heading back home."

"Oh, really, and is home far away?" She asks

"Yes, it took me about 4 hours to get here today, so it is a bit of a trek."

"I see, and is this how you relax?" She asks innocently as she points to the clothing on the bed. The temperature in the room rises by ten degrees and I suddenly find myself unable to speak, so with my blush deepening and cock hardening, I simply nod my head. I see her smile widen as she says "I love it! OK, I need to go and check the heating in the other rooms, but in about one hour I will be back here and I expect to see you wearing all that is on the bed, except for the nightie and chemise, and none of your horrible male clothes. I also expect to find you sitting on the chair, facing the window and with the TV off. When you hear the door opening you will not turn around, is that clear?" She asks, although i know that she is not asking me a question, sheepishly, I nod my head but cannot stop my cock hardening. "Good, " she responds, "we could have a lot of fun together so make sure you behave, and be ready on one hour!" With that she turns on her low heel and leaves the room, not even looking back at my somewhat stunned face.

For a few minutes I simply stand there not really believing that the dreams I have had for so many years are finally about to come true. I was about to be dressed in front of a beautiful woman, who will tease me mercilessly all night, before, probably, denying me my final pleasure. Wonderful! Wishing that I had time to remove the hair from my body I jump in the shower and, using the supplied gel scrub myself thoroughly in the shower. Drying myself off I move back into the main bedroom, and fix the suspender belt round my waist, my cock hardening more in anticipation of the night ahead. I slide the nylons up my legs and again wish that I had removed the hair, but knew that there was not time, so I continued trying to fix the stockings to the suspender belt, something that I always have trouble doing. Several minutes later, with both stockings fixed to the suspenders, I slide the knickers up my legs, settling them over my ever growing cock. Quickly, I finish dressing, attaching the bra against my stomach and then sliding the garment around my waist before lifting it up into place. Once the bra was in place I slip each breastform into the appropriate cup and cannot help but do a quick turn in front of the mirror, loving how I am looking. Reaching to the bed again I pick up the silky fabric that is the blouse and push my arms through its sleeves, then doing up the buttons down the front, leaving the top one undone. Picking up the skirt I find that back of it and undo the button and zip, then step into it and refasten it around my waist, finally sliding the satin fabric around my waist. Standing back in front of the mirror I look at myself again, this time fully dressed. Looking into my own eyes I know that someone else is going to see me fully dressed for the first time, and a shiver runs down my back, and my nerves makes me soften just a little. Walking over to the bed I pick up the pair of heels and then drag the chair to the window and sit on it facing the window. I lift my leg onto my knee and slip the shoe on, fastening the strap round my ankle. Repeating with the other shoe, I sit there ready to be tormented. Staring at the drawn curtains I try to imagine what the night would bring.

Sometime later, I had lost track of time so it may have been an hour later, it may have been three, I heard the door open behind me, and I thicken again in my knickers. I feel her nearing my back and suddenly feel hands on my shoulders. "Very nice" I hear her whisper, almost to herself. "Does it feel nice to be wearing those clothes?" she asks me, I nod my head in answer, knowing that my voice just would not work. "Good, now I am going to make you feel even better! Give me your hands." she tells me. Slowly I pass my hands to my back and feel her tie them together. I now know that I am helpless to her demands and wishes, and I love it. She moves to be in front of me and I see the curves of her breasts through the regulation purple cotton shirt, and the swell of her hips as the black pencil skirt hugs them. Telling me to lift my bum off the seat she hitches my skirt up to my hips, displaying my suspenders to whoever wants to see them, and tells me that she wants to check that i am wearing all the lingerie. Smiling, she slowly undoes the buttons on my blouse to expose my black bra, gently pushing the edges of the blouse back so that my breasts are fuly exposed, she steps back a couple of paces and a hand slips into the pocket of her skirt. With a now permament grin on her face she pulls out her mobile phone and flips the front up. As I see her point the phone at me my cock grows and I know that she is taking a picture of me in my feminine finery, and that the picture will clearly show that it is me. My mind runs with the knowledge of the power that she now has over me, and from the look on her face, I know that she fully understands her position.

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